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Court (Crave #4)
Author: Tracy Wolff

      Also by Tracy Wolff

   The Crave series







Table of Contents



00 Fake It Till It Breaks You—Hudson—

01 Sometimes Two Rights Make One Very Big Wrong

02 Standoff and Deliver

03 One Hell of a Bloodside Manner

04 Too Close for Closure

05 Dream a Little Scream of Me

06 Snap, Crackle, and Pop-Tart

07 Say What?

08 A Full-Court Mess

09 Does Google Translate Speak Gargoyle?

10 Rock My World

11 Light as a Feather, Hard as a Stone

12 A Whole Lot of Rock and a Little Bit of Roll

13 Time’s Not the Only Thing That’s Warped

14 We Have to Stop Bleeding This Way

15 Et Tu, Marise?

16 Every Wolf Has Their Day

17 Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

18 Everybody Needs a Little Push Sometimes

19 Taste the Rainbow

20 Bringing Down the House

21 Never Bite the Vamp Who Feeds You

22 All Bark, Extra Bite

23 All the Show, None of the Tell

24 It’s Not a Deal if You Don’t Want It

25 No GPS for the Not-So-Wicked

26 A Long Game of Hide-and-Weep

27 Country Roads Take Me Where?

28 Irish Luck Be a Lady Tonight

29 Passed with Flying Dragons

30 Talk About a Fixer-Upper

31 This Little Lighthouse of Mine

32 I Just Want to Power Down

33 Sometimes the Coffee Breaks You

34 (Green) String Theory

35 Buckle Up, Buttercup

36 You Bring Out the TNT in Me

37 More Like Tickety Boo-Boo

38 Divide and Get Conquered

39 It Sucks to Not Suck You Anymore

40 My, What Big Fangs You Have

41 Don’t You Mean Darth Madar?

42 I Don’t Think There’s a Chromosome for This

43 Mommy Not So Dearest

44 The OMG OG

45 You Can Pick Your Friends but You Can’t Pick Your Poison

46 The Thanksgiving Guest List Just Got Chaotic

47 Try to Seed It My Way

48 All the Strings Attached

49 Bravely Going Where No Icicle Has Gone Before

50 Life’s a Beach, or Is It Just a B*tch?

51 A Stitch in Time Saves My A$$

52 Big Bang Me

53 Shoppe Till You Drop

54 Not So Laffy Taffy

55 I A-Door You

56 Trial by Misfire

57 Dead If We Do, Dead If We Don’t

58 The Walk of Hell Yeah I Did

59 The Old Bait-and-Ditch

60 Kicked to the Curb Appeal

61 Why So Crypt-ic?

62 Knife to Meet You

63 Dungeons and Daggers

64 Father Doesn’t Know Best

65 You Say Potato, I Say Murdering Thief

66 This Is What it Really Means to Go Medieval

67 Liar, Liar, Chest on Fire

68 There Really Are Some Things You Can’t Get Online

69 The One Where Everyone Might Die

70 Shake, Rattle, and Run Like Hell

71 The Frozen Court Never Bothered Me Anyway

72 Take It with a Block of Salt

73 Death by Taffeta

74 Chamber Absolutely Nots

75 Eat, Drink, and Be Wary

76 Why You Wanna Give Me the Runaround?

77 It’s a Double-Edged Broadsword

78 Catwalk This Way

79 Finders, Keepers, Losers, Creepers

80 Whisper Sweet Not-So-Nothings

81 Welcome to the Danger Bones

82 Not Your Beck-and-Call Boy

83 A Mate with Destiny

84 The Slingshot Heard Round the World

85 Who Needs Chemistry When You’ve Got Physics?

86 Rock, Fang, Scissors

87 Knife First, Think Later

88 Nothing Says I Love You Like a Dagger to the Heart

89 Out with the Old, In with the Clue

90 There’s Cliffhangers and then There’s Cliff Hangers

91 Below the Age of Descent

92 Tomb of Doom

93 Drink Me, Baby, One More Time

94 Searching for a State of Grace

95 Some Like It Hot—Really Hot

96 Talk About a Dead Ringer

97 Way Too Close a Shave and a Haircut

98 Time and Tide Wait for No Man…Or Do They?

99 The Softer Side of Stone

100 No Time Like the Not-So-Present

101 Bewitched and Bedazzled

102 On a Ring and a Prayer

103 A Very Untasty Freeze

104 Of War and Wankers

105 Just a Little In and (Sh)Out

106 Out of the Fire, Into the Jail Cell

107 Hailing All the Marys

108 Hell Hath No Fury Like a Vampire Scorned

109 It’s In the Demigod DNA

110 The Nearest Existential Crisis May Be Behind You

111 I Hate to Kidnap and Run

112 You Can Never Go Home Again

113 Memory Lane Is a Road in Hell

114 Choose Your Delusions

115 Epic Girl Battle: Wings vs. Fangs

116 The Difference Is Knife and Day

117 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

118 Hugs and Curses

119 Nothing Is Set in Stone, Even a Gargoyle

120 The Rune Where It Happened

121 Die on the Dotted Line

122 I Bet You Think This Fight Is About You

123 Here Goes Nothing

124 One Good Turn Deserves Another and Another and Another

125 We’re Gonna Rock Around the Block Tonight

126 Riddle Me Once, Shame on You

127 The Writhing’s on the Wall

128 Share the DEETs

129 Throwing all the Shade

130 Birds of a Feather Kill Together

131 Slip ’N Slime

132 Drinking Outside the Juice Box

133 I’d Love to Give Away My Shot

134 Close Your Eyes and Hot-Pink of England

135 Ee I Ee I Oh No

136 Moonwalk-a-Doodle-Doo

137 Give Me a Sand

138 A Nightmare to Remember

139 This May Be the Rune of Me

140 A Rune of One’s Own

141 No Skin in the Game

142 Stop Dying Through Your Teeth

143 Ring Around the Not-So-Rosie

144 You Really Want a Pierce of Me?

145 Death and Dis-Ordered

146 Any Portal in a Storm

147 This Doesn’t Wing True

148 No Time to Kill

149 Lots of Tears for Fears

150 When Your Learning Curve Is a D-Cup

151 Blood Mooning Over Me

152 Plan A, Plan B, Plan See-If-We-All-Die

153 If Wishes Were Roller Coasters, Gargoyles Would Ride

154 Imagine Dragons

155 Some Things You Just Can’t Force Field

156 Double, Double, Boil and Trouble

157 Up, Up, and Get Away

158 Get Back in Your (Rib) Cage

159 Loyalty Always Was My Best Color

160 Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

161 Poof, There It Is!

162 Losing Everything but My Train of Thought

163 Rage Against the God Machine

164 What Doesn’t Cyrus Makes Us Stronger

165 Fake Gods and Very Real Monsters

166 Carpe Queen ’Em

167 You’re So Vine

168 Sometimes Lightning Strikes Twice

169 I Did It My Way

170 Girlboss

171 All Guts, No Glory

172 Shoulda Put a Crown on It

173 I’ll Take the Check Mate

174 All Queened Up

175 “The End” Game

Epilogue —Hudson— Coup de Grace

To Your Heart’s Malcontent—Hudson—

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