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Vows and Vendettas
Author: LK Shaw







Our underworld is filled with bloodshed and malice, and darkness dominates our lives.

It’s our world… where limits are built of smoke, and their rules have no power.

And when we find the object of our deepest desires, we are ruthless. Nothing, not even their defiance, will stand in our way.

We cast our shadows on them and they give our corruption a purpose.

Before, we were breaking the rules for ourselves. Now, we are breaking every rule for them.

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Participating Authors: L.K. Shaw & Rachel Everly | Kristen Luciani & Londyn Quinn | Ember Davis | E.M. Shue | Bella Di Corte | A.R. Thomas | Melverna McFarlane | Quinn Marlowe | Emmaleigh Loader






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The Bratva’s Enforcer

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Murky, half-frozen puddles lie scattered along the sidewalk. I side-step around each one, and my boots click-clack on the cement. Almost there. I pick up the pace–my cropped leather jacket is no match for the chilly Chicago winds coming in off the water. The cold air curls up my shirt and down the back of my pants like fingers gripping my flesh.

“Lapachka, you must be careful.” My father’s frequent warning rings inside my head.

I have to be careful because I’m a woman. Careful because I’m young, pretty, and smart. Careful because the men in our world don’t always respect when a woman tells them no.

Considering my dad works for dangerous people, it’s no surprise he’s tried to keep me away from their wandering eyes. And any time I ask why he keeps working for them, I get the same answer. “Because, lapachka, the money is good and I need to take care of the family first.”

A high-pitched yowling stops me in my tracks and I almost stumble to my knees. My heart pounds a staccato beat, and I hug my messenger bag to my chest. A skinny cat darts out from beneath a parked car and knocks into me before taking off down the alleyway. “Watch it, furball!”

Once my breathing returns to normal, I hurry down the block toward the deli. Please don’t have locked up yet. If I want to be paid, then I need to get some invoices from Dad so I can finish the monthly accounting before I leave for a trip with my friends.

Although I’m not keen on Lucy trying to set me up with this guy that’s coming, even if it will even out our numbers or if she seems to think Ben and I might click. Maybe the campfires, s’mores, and what she calls a “frat party’s worth of alcohol” will make it all worth it. Plus, Ben is a total doppelganger for the Hemsworths, so maybe it won’t be so bad.

When was the last time I got buzzed or even went on a date? It has to have been before college. Caring for my mom, brother, and sister take up all my free time. Not that I’m complaining. My phone chimes and I pull it out of my bag, the screen lighting up in the dimness of the evening.



Don’t worry about the books. I’ll finish them tonight



I’m almost there. Last month’s numbers aren’t adding up and I want to take a look



I said I’d fix it



I’m about to text him back but he’s already typing another reply. I stop in front of the deli.

I’ll see you at home



He’s really been frustrating me lately, only giving me half the stuff I actually need to do the job he’s paying me for. Since I’m here, I’ll just pop in, say hello, and quickly finish the account reconciliation. Then I’ll leave. I have just enough cash on me to take the bus back home when I’m done. I might even have time to stop at my favorite coffee spot for a peppermint mocha latte and cake pops for my siblings as a treat.

I push the unlocked door open and step inside. I flip the switch, but the lights don’t come on. Did someone forget to pay the bill? I’ve been coming to this deli since I could walk, so I find my way in the near-darkness past the counter and to the door that leads to the back room. A sliver of light comes through a small crack where someone didn’t close it all the way. I push it slightly farther open and gasp before quickly jumping back. I wait a minute to make sure no one noticed the sound and then edge forward again to peek around the side.

Four men, including my father, stand in the center of the room. The two standing closest to Dad work for the Bratva. And even though his back is to me, there’s no doubt who the massive one with broad shoulders, thick, muscled arms, and short-clipped brown hair is.

“Where the fuck is the money, Boris?” The same husky voice that fills my dreams nightly drips with rancor.

The chill from outside creeps back in and clutches at my heart.

Daddy, what did you do?

“I can get you the money, Sasha. I just need more time.” My father’s voice wavers. Whatever money he’s talking about, this doesn’t sound good.

Mom had another infusion at the hospital two weeks ago. What if it hasn’t been health insurance that’s paid for any of Mom’s new treatments lately? I grip my messenger bag tightly to my body. Should I call the police or will that make it worse?

“I’ve given you all the time I can. The Pakhan demands satisfaction,” Sasha growls and circles my father who swivels his head trying to keep him in his sights.

I can’t take my eyes off him either. The first time we’d met had been years ago. Before I started college. Even then my dad warned me about Sasha Baranov. Time has only made him more attractive. Harsher. More brutal. And yet, he’s still the man of my fantasies with his hulking muscles and angled jaw. Why is he asking my dad for money?

One of the men, Yuri, steps to the metal counter against the wall and turns on the large deli slicer sitting at the edge of it. The familiar whirring squeal fills the air. Then he steps toward my father. My gaze darts between the slicer and Yuri. Oh, god. He wouldn’t, would he? My stomach churns and I squeeze my eyes shut. What do I do?

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