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Finally Found You (Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers #7)
Author: Claudia Burgoa








The gaping hole my father’s death left cast a menacing shadow over my soul. A dark storm brewed overhead, unleashing torrents of anguish and heartache. It’s been over eighteen years, and the storm might never leave me.

I wasn’t the only one affected. His departure created a disheartening era for the Spearman family.

Back then, I not only lost my dad but also the girl I loved and the last shred of affection I had for my mother. After what I discovered, things could’ve played out in so many ways. But I chose not to bury the person responsible for my father’s death and make them pay for their sins instead. For a fleeting moment, I was the puppet master. I’m certainly not a god, but I held the future of countless people in my hands.

Did the weight of such responsibility crush me?

Did the choices I made benefit our family?

Do I have any regrets?

I don’t consider my decisions a mistake.


Well, in a labyrinth of emotions, that’s the one that lurks in the corners of our souls like a hungry beast ready to attack.

It is an emotion that thrives on our insecurities and weaknesses, keeping us prisoners of the past. And maybe that’s why my mother is captive in her own madness.

If it were someone else, I’d try to save her. But I find I want to prolong her suffering for as long as possible.

Our world collapsed because of her, and I was only twenty, barely able to keep us afloat.

Desperation forced me to push away the woman I thought was my soulmate in order to save the remains of my fractured family. I’ve spent years concealing the truth from my seven siblings, including my brothers Aslan and Gatsby—my fellow triplets.

All these years, I’ve been masterfully following her every move. We have an unspoken agreement. Mom’s secrets are safe as long as the family isn’t in danger. But now, she crossed a line. It’s time for me to bring everyone down—no matter the consequences.

The real issue is the surprise that’s just shown up on my doorstep. With that comes a new set of problems I can’t handle while protecting my family. My heart aches with the burden of it all.

I’ve always believed life dealt me a crappy hand, but I’ve managed to play those cards to win every time. Now, though, it feels like I’ve gotten a handful of blank cards, with the stakes higher than ever. With the storm brewing around me, I have to find a way to protect the ones I love and face the ghosts of my past. The question is, will I be able to do it without losing perspective of what really matters?



Chapter One






“Kenzington Opal Balsamo.” I use my most authoritative voice in hopes my cousin will snap out of her teenage attitude and start helping me. I can’t let her attitude ruin our only chance to keep our family together.

She whips her head around and glares at me, her steel gaze frigid with resentment. “Leave me alone, Camilla,” she snarls, not budging an inch from the couch.

I purse my lips. “The social worker will be here soon. We have to clean the place,” I remind her. “If they don’t think I’m a fit guardian, they’ll take you away.” I take a deep breath and try to control the anxiety knotting up my stomach, but it’s hard when my cousin stares daggers at me.

Kenzy’s glare is icy, and I grip the hose of the vacuum tighter, bracing myself for the punch. She’s always had a knack for hitting me where it hurts the most.

“Then I won’t be your problem,” she says bitterly. “You can go back to your stupid life in Charleston. Maybe your dreamy boyfriend will take you back.”

I wince inwardly, but I’m relieved she didn’t drag Nonna or our mothers into this discussion. Still, her words are pretty hurtful. I understand this isn’t easy for her. In her mind, the only person in the world who loved her died, leaving her alone.

A muffled voice pulls me out of my thoughts, and I realize JJ, my best friend, is still on the line. “Does she know the asshole broke up with you?” She asks this knowing the answer, having heard every word as the final goodbye happened.

I swallow hard and nod, even though JJ can’t see me.

“She was there,” I murmur, remembering Ronan’s cold face. “Kenzy heard the whole ‘I can’t take you back with that much baggage’ thing.”

As if I was asking him to stick by me. We were over, and I didn’t want him back. I just wanted him to buy my part of the house we bought together a year ago.

“When things get better,” JJ adds softly, after a moment of silence passes between us, “you might want to reevaluate your approach to dating.”

I sigh heavily. Two years. Ronan and I were together for two years—living together and planning to get engaged soon. How could it have all gone away so quickly? The relationship died just as fast as Nonna did after her diagnosis. A few months and everything was over.

Just like Kenzy, I’m alone. And I don’t even have the time or space to mourn all that I lost. I have to jump into parenting a teenager who resents everything, without a penny to my name and a lot of troubles ahead.

Instead of fixating on my feelings, I drag the two trash bags resting in the mudroom to the garage. JJ growls something on the other side of the line, and whatever she says is lost as the clutter on top of the trashcan tumbles to the ground.

I jolt but force my lungs to take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay, I reassure myself. I try to pile everything neatly and head back inside the house. There’s a lot we need to fix before the social worker arrives for the interview.

“So what’s on the agenda for today?” JJ questions. “You could come to my place. We could go to my parents’ house for a swim. Kenzy might enjoy some pool time.”

“If all goes well with the social worker…” I sigh, the weight of the situation bearing down on me. “Do you think they’ll take her away from me?” I ask quietly, worry nibbling at me.

“No. You practically raised her.”

“Nonna raised us,” I correct her, my voice barely above a whisper.

“She was there, but… Sorry, I’m digressing. We have to focus on Kenzy,” JJ says, steering the conversation back on track. “What’s our plan of attack?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. I tried to google as much as I could, but all I could find were websites of lawyers offering their services. Nothing concrete that could assure me they won’t take her away. If all the shows I watched are correct, they’re going to take her away tomorrow.”

“How did you come up with that conclusion?”

“I’m unemployed. The mortgage on the house is past due. I can’t afford a lawyer and—”

“Stop right there, Camilla,” she interrupts. “You’re an honorary Drago. We take care of our family. If you need legal counseling, money, or anything, we’re here for you.” Her words echo what her parents have said since I met them at the tender age of three.

“You know what would be easier?” I ask as I continue tidying the house.

“I’m afraid of the answer, but hit me.”

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