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Fragments (Alabaster Penitentiary #4)
Author: Nyla K


Survival is all that matters in here.

Still, it gets tricky when evil lurks around every corner, wanting to play.

To the arsonist, everything is a game.

Warren Xavier is Alabaster Pen’s resident manipulative liar. The former pretty boy prince of Manhattan’s elite is now locked away with the rest of us. Nothing but time to sit and stew… Scheme and obsess. And I’m the unlucky soul he’s made the object of his cunning affections.

On the outside, I would never entertain the kinds of things Ren wants from me… Unfortunately, being trapped for so long in such a hellish place can wear down even the strongest of minds.

I’d be a fool to fall into his mess of lustful deviance again. After all, I’ve been burned before.

But that silver tongue is wrapped right around my heart. The next time his flames engulf me… I might let them.


Prison life can be fun when you hold the handcuff keys in your sullied hands.

My skills give me power over guards, prisoners… Pretty much everyone. I control these men without lifting a finger. Maybe bending at the waist…

But not him. Not the one I truly want.

Lex “Luthor” Deon is too perfect to be rotting in this dungeon. He’s a hacker, a genius; a shimmering diamond lodged in a dreary black pit of decay. Sweet, loyal… inexperienced.

In short, he’s way too good for me.

But I’m too stubborn and volatile to ever let him go.

I won’t allow fragments of the past ruin us. When it all comes crumbling down, Lex will have to make a choice… Risk everything, or play it safe.

Whether he likes it or not, he wants to believe me…

But sometimes even I can’t tell when I’m lying.



Well, well, well…

Look who just couldn’t resist coming back to the Isle.

I have to assume you’re here because, despite how treacherous Alabaster Penitentiary is, there’s something about its darkness that’s sucked you right in. Hopefully, you’re returning after The Carver and Dr. Love left you bloody and satisfied. Which would mean you’re more than okay with the pitch-black lack of morality, the depravity, and the nefarious goings on of this prison.

But if, for whatever reason, you’re picking this book up without having met Dash, or Velle, or Felix, or any of the other broken boys, lovable narcissists, and cute, cuddly psychopaths from this series, I just need to make sure you’re aware of a few things.

First, while this series does follow a new couple—or throuple—each book, the storyline itself is very much overarching through them all. Each book will end in a happily ever after for the characters, but that doesn’t mean the general storyline will be wrapped up. In each book, questions are answered, but more are presented, all sides to this saga of mayhem culminating in a giant, explosive grand finale in Volume 6—Ivory.

That means it’s strongly recommended to read the other three books before this one, to get the entire feel of what’s happening. Because it’s a lot. If you try to read Fragments first, you’ll definitely be lost. It just won’t hit the right spot.

We follow the same timeline in each book, seeing familiar dramatic events unfold through different eyes. Fragments, in particular, includes a crap-ton of pivotal scenes from Distorted, only from the POV’s of our main characters, Luthor and Ren.

There’s no other way to say it… Fragments will spoil the fuck out of Distorted. So definitely read that first. Then read Joyless, so you can familiarize yourself with Officer Chevelle and his team, who are also majorly involved in this book. And after that, I mean, come on… You’re gonna want to spend some time with Felix Darcey.

Which brings us to Dash’s cellmate, the hacker, and a certain arsonist who’s been pining for him throughout the series thus far.

Don’t go into this book expecting it to be like the others, because it certainly won’t be. It’s unique, and infinitely more dramatic, with boat-loads more action. Of course, it’s a complex love story between Luthor and Ren, but it’s also a deep-dive into their pasts and what brought them to this point. It’s a tale of found family—in the most unexpected of places, which sets the tone for the finale. (Something I’ll definitely discuss more in the author’s note.)

Just know this isn’t simply a romance novel. It’s a dark and devious world of secrets and lies, warped reality, unexpected love, self-discovery, and sex—lots and lots of filthy, illicit sex—all taking place on a mysterious island. If you’re looking for a standard dark romance plot, you won’t find it here. Alabaster Pen requires an open-mind, and a severe appreciation for detail.

So… if you’ve made it this far, let’s move onto the next point. The warning.

Undoubtedly, you’re aware that this entire series is dark. Some of the books more than others, and of course, the level of darkness will vary depending on each reader. Fragments has no shortage of sensitive subject matter that could definitely make some readers uncomfortable. Should you wish to check out the specifics before diving in, they can be found here, on the content warnings page of my website.

Hopefully, getting to know Luthor and Ren a bit in the previous books has somewhat prepared you for what to expect… But still, that was just a surface scratch. It’ll get pretty heavy at times.

Let’s face it, it’s been fun laughing about Ren’s sluttyness, but seeing it through his eyes, experiencing it firsthand with him, and with the man who’s trying to love him… It might be a tough pill to swallow. But I urge you not to let that deter you.

Yes, there will be “cheating” in this book. Yes, there will be on-page—and, quite frankly, off-page—sexual interaction between them and people who are not each other. But it’s just the nature of this story, and the crucial development of their painful, obsessive, undying yearn for one another over years and years of forced proximity.

This book won’t be for everyone. I know that, whole-heartedly. But it’s their love story, highs and lows and everything in between. And trust me when I tell you, Luthor and Ren earn the fuck out of their happiness in the end.

There you have it. Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, wondering about, desperately craving to get inside.

This burn is long… and deep.

So cozy up in your cells, inmates. Dim the lights, grab some supplies, and get ready…

For fireworks ;)



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