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The Bad Boy Part II
Author: Marian Tee


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HALLIE WAS ABOUT TO step into the shower when a hand suddenly covered her mouth from behind. An involuntary gasp escaped her even though her pounding heart already knew who it was. Her unseen captor spun her around, her wide-eyed gaze clashing against a pair of smirking dark orbs.

Andreus let out a low devilish laugh as Hallie shoved his hand off her mouth and hurriedly tried to cover her nakedness, with one arm splayed over her breasts while her other hand slid down to conceal her already-wet pussy from his sight.

"Andreus!" Her tone was half-chiding, half-laughing, her nipples already puckering at the way Andreus was leisurely running his gaze down her trembling form. She wanted him so, so much, Hallie thought helplessly. He was like an addiction she could never cure, and arousal tingled down her spine when he suddenly hauled her close.

"I missed you."

He whispered the words in a rough tone, his lips brushing against hers, and what little resistance she had left melted, with Hallie only able to whimper as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I missed you, too," she whispered.

He cupped her face, and the hunger in his gaze had Hallie swallowing hard.

"Did...did anyone see you slip in?"

"We both know there's only one person who shouldn't see me entering your bedroom, and the answer to that is no."

"Are you su—-"

Her voice faltered to a stop when Andreus stepped back and began undressing himself.


She had to bite her lip really, really hard to keep herself from moaning. The sight of Andreus' lethally muscular body was still something she hadn't gotten used to, and she had a feeling this would never change. She just wanted him so, so much, and—-oh!

Her mind seized to function the moment he took her hand and led her inside the shower.


It was her last barely-coherent thought, with Andreus spinning her around as soon as the jets of hot water blasted down their bodies. And just like that, both of them were wet, with Hallie's aching breasts heaving in shameless need as Andreus positioned himself behind her.

Her eyes closed as the head of his cock nudged against the swollen folds of her vagina. His hands clasped her waist, and her whimper melted with his guttural growl as he pushed a single inch of his throbbing cock inside of her.

So, so big, she thought dizzily. Would she ever get used to—-


Hallie jumped in shock, and Andreus groaned as her sudden movement had the entire length of his erection penetrating her.


Hallie could only hastily cover her mouth at the way she was suddenly stuffed full of Andreus' member-—


"I saw Andreus enter your bedroom, so I know the two of you are in there."



The Bad Boy Pt. 2

by Marian Tee

Copyright 2023 by Marian Piñera

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



Ten Years Ago



"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to you?" Faustus was supposed to take a beer out of the fridge when he saw Sabbas Economou's teenage son in his living room, his gorgeous face gruesomely transformed into an artwork of deep red gashes, purple and black bruises, and swollen flesh.

Andreus cursed under his breath as the tears wetting his cheeks, now in full view of someone else, only added to his shame. "Get the fuck out of here—-"

"Who the hell did this to you?" Faustus demanded. "We need to call the police—-"

"On my own father?"

The boy's tone was so damn flat it took an extra second for Faustus to realize what Andreus had just revealed.

Andreus wasn't even surprised or disappointed at the silence that followed. People were always willing to help him...until they realized who it was they were going against. "If you're done staring, then get the fuck out—-"

"Come to my house."

Andreus froze.

"I know how Sabbas' mind works. You can stay for as long as you need, and your father won't dare make waves." Faustus' lip curled as he thought about how people constantly praised his older half-brother for being a good man.

Fucking hypocrite, Faustus thought in disgust.

"We both know all he cares about is his name. The last thing he'd want the world to know is how a philanthropist like him beats his bastard son up when he's drunk."

"My father would find a way to make you pay—-"

"He's always been making me pay, haven't you noticed?" Faustus managed to keep his tone flippant even as his blood boiled with decades-old resentment. That damn fucking hypocrite. Their father had always thought Sabbas was the better son, and yet between the two of them, who was it that had turned Andreus into a living punching bag?

"It's no secret everyone thinks I'm the fucking black sheep in this family. I'm nothing like your father. You probably heard that a lot, haven't you?" Faustus' lips formed a humorless smile. "But between the two of us, we both know that's probably a good thing, right?"

Sabbas had always warned Andreus about his illegitimate uncle, but why should he continue listening to his father, when it was his father who thrashed him nearly almost every night, and all because his guilt deprived him of sleep?

Faustus offered his nephew a hand. "You can trust me, kid."

Andreus had grown up in poverty, and it was only when his mother OD'd that Sabbas had been forced to acknowledge his existence. That was just three fucking months ago, and theo...all he had wanted after his mother's death was to work and fucking graduate, but instead Sabbas had decided to turn his own son into his personal sleeping pill.

It couldn't get any worse than that, could it?

Andreus took his uncle's hand, and the tightness in his chest gradually eased as he watched his father's mansion shrinking in view as they drove away.

I'm free.

It was alright to think that. Wasn't it?



FAUSTUS' HOME WAS SMALLER than his father's but no less luxurious, and after dinner, his uncle invited him to join him for a drink by the pool.

"Want one?"

Andreus took the can of beer from his uncle's hand. He had been drinking since he was eleven, but he had done so only to show the other kids in school that he wasn't someone to be bullied. Even his own mother hadn't allowed him to drink, but maybe...these rich folks were different?

It was while Andreus was nursing his fourth can of beer that Faustus offered him a pill, and even though his instincts were clamoring and telling him that something was seriously fucking wrong about all of this—-

You can trust me, kid.

Andreus popped the pill into his mouth, and the weeks that followed were the best fucking time of his life. Not because of the alcohol or the drugs but because this time, life was exactly what he had wished for.

A family.

That was what he had now in his uncle, and it was this Andreus told himself again and again when something about his new life started nagging at him.

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