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The Golden Boys (Kings of Cypress Prep #1)
Author: Rachel Jonas





Written by Rachel Jonas




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About Rachel Jonas






This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

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Published October 16th, 2020







The Genesis of Evangeline

Dark Side of the Moon

Heart of the Dragon

Season of the Wolf

Fate of the Fallen




First Term

Second Term

Third Term




Dark Reign

Hell Storm

Cold Heir

Crimson Mist








The Golden Boys





To my Blue-Jay:



You looked so peaceful I didn’t have the heart to wake you. If I’m being completely honest, writing was the only way I stood a chance of getting through this without crying. Wish we could all be tough girls like you…

Since I know how much you hate when I get all worked up, I’ll make this quick.

I’m taking off for a bit, sweetheart. You, Scarlett, and Hunter are my world, so I won’t be gone long. Two weeks tops. You’ll barely have time to miss me. Promise.

Before you even think it, this has absolutely nothing to do with you guys. Me and your dad’s mess is just that.

Our mess.

Thin walls make it hard to keep secrets, so I’m sure you noticed the screaming matches have gotten worse. I think the only way to fix what’s broken between him and me is to give each other space. We’ll never learn to make it work if the only way we communicate is through an argument. Hopefully, some peace and quiet will help me sort through it all. Maybe he’ll put the bottle down and do the same while I’m gone.

Not a day will go by that I won’t be thinking about you three. Hunter’s working on something that might bring some cash into the house, so he might be hard to reach for a while. That’s why I’m counting on you to take care of Scar, but I’m not the least bit worried she won’t be looked after. You’re so good with her. Sometimes, I think you’re a better mother to her than I ever was. God doesn’t make big sisters like you very often, so she looks up to you for good reason.

I’m getting out of here before your father wakes up and raises hell when he realizes my bags are packed. He drank himself to sleep last night, which means he’ll be a bear when he stumbles out of bed in a little while. It’s probably not a bad idea for you girls to stay out of his way if you can.

To keep my head clear, I turned off my phone. Just leave a message and I’ll call when I can.

There’s a twenty on the kitchen table to put a few groceries in the fridge until Hunter comes back with whatever he gets his hands on. No junk food, Blue! I mean it! It’ll come back to haunt you during basketball season.

Miss you kids already. Kiss Scarlett for me. Be home when the dust settles.




Chapter 1



—June, Four Months Later—





Crumpling her written words lifts a weight.

It’s something I should’ve done the morning I found this very sheet of coffee-stained paper taped to my door. Instead, I’d folded it neatly and placed it inside my wallet, like a tiny shrine I carry with me wherever I go.

I’ve always pined over the scraps of love she leaves behind, littered throughout my life. Then, at the worst possible times, I stumble across them again. Like now, while an epic party rages all around me and I forego a perfectly good opportunity to just be young and free. Why? Because rummaging through my clutch for a stick of gum led me to this note and I’m suddenly stuck, contemplating Mom’s twisted version of love. I should be chatting up some cute guy, or dancing like the world is ending tomorrow, but nope.

“Found you! Looks like my hoe-bag radar is still spot on,” Jules slurs.

A smile replaces my true expression so quickly it’s scary.

“You say such sweet things,” I tease back, smoothing both palms down the white, linen shorts she insisted I borrow. They were part of a package deal—black tank, black heels and silver hoops included. The only visible article that actually does belong to me is my clutch.

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